Our mobile primary health clinic includes basic medical equipment such as stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, sphygmomanometers (manual and automatic) and blood sugar testers. We have basic equipment for minor surgical procedures such as lumps and boils, and wound care supplies and dressings.

Our medications include antibiotics, painkillers and medication for diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, allergies, ears, eyes and common skin diseases. We also bring different resources for education such as posters and handouts for common problems in Fiji.



  • 3 dental chairs
  • 3 dental units with attachments for high-speed, slow-speed, 3-in-1 and aspiration
  • Large and small compressors
  • Protective equipment e.g. gloves, masks, glasses (suggest bringing your own scrubs)
  • Range of forceps and elevators for extractions
  • Range of restorative and surgical handpieces and burs
  • Dental anaesthetic with syringes and needles
  • Composite, glass ionomer and amalgam filling materials with appropriate bonding systems
  • Range of restorative dental instruments incl. mirrors, probes, excavators, pluggers, carvers etc.
  • Curing lights
  • Separating/finishing/occlusal strips
  • Perio probes
  • Ultrasonic scalers
  • Hand scalers
  • Polishing cups and prophy paste

Although we have one free-standing dental light it is usually much more practical for dentists and/or their nurses to wear head-lights. We have some generic lights, but if you own a specialist dental head-light we would recommend bringing it with you.

The nature and timing of our work means that providing anything lab-dependent, such as dentures or crowns, is not possible. We provide purely restorative and extraction options (occasionally including periodontal care). Although this may seem restrictive it meets the vast majority of Fiji’s dental needs. Most patients we see have advanced caries or periodontal disease and expect extractions when they see us, for which they often very thankful. Dealing with the discomfort of pulpally compromised teeth is in itself a huge task amongst the local population, but we do provide restorations where appropriate.



We have no full-time staff qualified in optometry at present. However we have diagnostic equipment and a considerable range of prescription glasses available for visiting professionals. We also have the option of referring patients in need of cataract surgery to Taveuni Eye Project.


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