Marine Reach Haugstvedt Family



Bula! We are Ane and Bjarte from Norway! We did our DTS with Marine Reach Fiji in 2012 and that was a challenging and rewarding experience. After our DTS we went back to Norway just in time for the birth of our fourth child. We felt God calling us as a family to come back to Fiji and we returned here in July 14 to staff as medical coordinators.

Bjarte has been a registered nurse since 2002. He has been working with children with cancer for many years and has also worked with patients with lung diseases and at a rehabilitation center. Ane is a doctor and graduated from medical school in 2004. She has worked as a GP in Norway for many years.

We are excited to be here in Fiji and to use our medical skills in Gods service. Part of our job is to coordinate medical outreaches to the remote areas of Fiji and serving the people by providing free medical care and showing Gods love through action. It has been a great journey of faith for our family to quit our jobs, leave our country and come to Fiji. But we have experienced that He who called us is faithful and He provides for us through supportive friends and family.
Bula Vinaka!

Marine Reach Kang Family



Daeseong Kang did his DTS in 1997 in his home country of Korea and in 1999 joined the M/V Island Mercy, a Marine Reach vessel. On the ship he met his wife Rowena who is from Philippines. They got married in the year 2000 and now the Lord has blessed them with 3 boys and 1 girl. They came to Fiji in 2002 and are still here to this day. Rowena works as a dentist and Daeseong has assisted medical & dental teams. Daeseong is Co- Director of Marine Reach Fiji and has staffed a Crossroads DTS, has lead three Korean DTSes and leads Healthcare & Medical DTSs.

They both love to serve the people of Fiji and beyond the Pacific who are in need in Physical and spiritual aspects.

Marine Reach Rokovu Family



Bula, we are Ben and Kaba. I (Kaba) joined Marine Reach in July 2002 as cook for our DTS schools. In April 2007 Ben and I were led by the Lord to attend a DTS. After our school we both became full time staff members and worked with the Mobile Medical Ministry and teams. We have been on staff for over various outreaches and DTSes.

We have just completed leading the January DTS Outreach. We have also both been greatly involved in ministry within our village and have four wonderful grown sons. We look forward to meeting you.

Marine Reach Nainoka Family



Charlie and Angie both come from Fiji and completed their DTS in 2012 with Marine Reach Fiji here in Lautoka. Since that time they have been serving faithfully in their local church, involved in worship-leading and youth.

They have three young children, Elijah, Joshua and Isaac and served as staff for the Marine Reach Healthcare DTS since 2015.

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