To send a financial donation please do so through a bank transfer to:

Within Fiji:
Bank: ANZ Bank of Fiji Ltd
Account name: Marine Reach Fiji Branch: Lautoka
Account number: 05715719
Reference: Your name

Bank: ANZ Bank of Fiji Ltd
Branch: Lautoka
Address: 165-167 Vitogo Parade, Lautoka
Account name: Marine Reach Fiji
Account number: 05715719

International Bank Code (IBAN): Fiji banks do not use an IBAN code

Please include the following information:

Your name and what you would like the money to be used for

For General Outreach/
General Mercy Ministry/New Truck
Ministry Name Marine Reach Fiji
Ministry Leader Daeseong Kang
Ministry Address P.O. Box 5450


We Need a New Truck!



Marine reach Fiji is stepping up its drive to collect enough money to buy a new truck.




The old truck in action in 2016

Marine Reach Fiji needs its truck!

We have been so blessed to have this truck!  A couple from Australia generously donated it to Marine Reach Fiji back in 2004. From that time on we have relied on it to take us everywhere. The focus of Marine Reach Fiji is to reach remote villages inland. We transport our medical and dental supplies and equipment on the truck to the interior, well off the main road, bringing hope and medical services to the more isolated people of Fiji.

However, it was manufactured in 1993 and has been driven on some tough roads. It’s beginning to have some minor problems and because of its age and condition we anticipate it’s only going to get worse. We are becoming more concerned about serious safety issues.

Now it’s time to start saving for a suitable replacement vehicle so we can keep up the work we do for the remote villages. The truck we are looking at will be able to carry our medical and dental supplies and also up to 25 people.

The brand new vehicle costs around FJ$80,000 and we have raised FJ$29,115. We are planning to sell the old truck and the proceeds will be added to the fund. We still need to raise approximately FJ$30-40,000 to reach the total amount for the new truck. We would like to ask for your prayers for this cause and even your assistance financially.

Thank you!

Other ways you can help by donating…


Please take a moment to look through the list of our current requirements and see if you are in a position to provide any of them. If you are able to do so please contact us and verify the details of your contribution before purchasing. This way we can ensure that we receive the donations we require and in the correct quantity, avoiding any surplus or waste.



Portable dental chair (for patients)

Portable dental stool (for dentist)

Dental ultrasonic (Piezo-electric/Satelec type) scaler unit

Satelec type ultrasonic scaler tips – size G2

Bonding agent for composite (combined etch and bond preferable)

Dental composite (shades A1 and A2)

Dental etch (35% phosphoric acid)

Self-sealing sterilisation pouches (large & extra large)



Dressings (especially non-adherent primary dressings such as Jelonet/Inadine or alternatives)

Skin glue

Antiseptics (betadine, chlorhexidine)


Glycated haemoglobin analyser (HBA1C finger prick testing)

Blood sugar meters and strips


N.B. We only use medicines that are in the Fiji National Formulary (click to view)

Please do not send any expired medications





General clinic consumables


Non-sterile gloves

Local anaesthetic

Hand sanitiser

Gauze (sterile and non-sterile)





Any toy donations are hugely appreciated by the village children, especially rugby balls, footballs, volleyballs, stickers, balloons, crayons etc.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste


Baby supplies and nappies

Office supplies and stationary (we go through a lot – please contact us for specific needs)