Truck Update!

“A thousand for a Truck”


The good news is that we have raised 94 thousand FJD of the 120 thousand FJD needed through the generosity of our supporters. We could not have raised this money without your heart and generosity for the people of Fiji. Thank you. We also praise God for his provision and faithfulness.


We have adopted the slogan “A thousand for a Truck” as we continue to ask for your support. We need 26 thousand FJD and we thought to reach 26 of you for a thousand FJD each.


The old truck is now in service at YWAM Vuniyasi. Pictures from the handover ceremony are in our latest newsletter.


We have done lots of research and have found a truck that we believe is best suited for us to continue to serve the people of Fiji spiritually and physically as we share God’s love with them. We have been given a new estimate and the truck will cost around $120, 000 FJD because of the additional work to enable us to transport our medical equipment as well as teams. The truck we are aiming to purchase is a Mitsubishi Fuso 4×4 with crew cab. This is the same model of truck that has been serving us well since 2004 and we know that it is able to handle the toughest road conditions and terrain in Fiji!


We are very thankful for your prayers and have enjoyed reading your memories of outreach with our old truck. We really feel that this is the right time to get a new truck. To make this happen, please prayerfully consider supporting us financially to raise the rest of the money we need to purchase this truck.